Nashville, IN

Country Heritage Nashville, 225 S Van Buren St, Nashville

Thank you for your immediate and continuing support of this series. The artists who have joined me are so impressed by your attention and generosity, and I am so proud to introduce you to them and to call you friends. Here's looking forward to another great year of music and time shared with each other. -cariray


BRIAN SUTHERLAND - Nashville, TN https://www.facebook.com/BrianSuth

JAMIE NICHOLE - Martinsville, IN https://www.facebook.com/jamienicholemusic

CHRIS WOLF (guest host) - Mooresville, IN


A NOTE FROM CARI ABOUT THE "FOR A SONG" SERIES: As I’ve been out touring the region and the country, one of the most amazing things has been the willingness of fellow songwriters to help a new girl in a new town…from sharing connections and putting in a good word, to sharing their stages and fans. So it was on my mind for some time to create an opportunity close to home where I might be able return the favor.

I had been working with Chateau Thomas Winery (Now Country Heritage Winery) in Nashville, IN for a few years to cultivate a singular, listening room atmosphere in a tourist town full of bar gigs. And we were able to do so with surprising success. So when I thought about who I’d like to partner with to bring this idea to life, the listening room and the audience we had built there seemed the perfect choice. And the support of the winery means the only costs to the audience are time, attention, and the generosity they choose to express through the tip jar.

I hosted the first "For a Song" Series of writers in the round at the Nashville Tasting Room April 28, 2017. Two accomplished songwriters and I sat in front of a packed house of listeners and spent the evening sharing our songs and the stories behind them. No two FAS evenings are alike as each new pair of writers joining me brings a different flavor, but the evenings have felt consistently warm, fun and connected. My goal is to continue offering fellow songwriters an opportunity to sit in front of an appreciative, listening crowd and to offer that audience a high-quality performance of original music by the artists who created it.

Folks can expect a laid-back evening…an opportunity to slow down, focus, and reconnect.