St. Petersburg, FL

DTSP Songwriters Festival

The Downtown St. Petersburg Songwriters Festival will feature three days and nights of live, upbeat music that will introduce patrons to the faces, voices and stories behind their favorite songs. We anticipate to touch over 10,000 consumers throughout the weekend of November first through the third.

The Downtown St. Petersburg Songwriters Festival in partnership with BMI will bring national acclaimed singer-songwriters to the Bay Area and give consumers the unique opportunity to experience the voices, stories and personalities of the artists in local, intimate settings all around Downtown St. Petersburg.

Consumers will also have the opportunity to experience several premiere events with National Artists at larger or unique venues where an admission will be charged.

The expectation is to produce a community event that embraces people’s love of music and showcases the unique atmosphere of downtown St. Petersburg.

Featuring: Warren Brothers • Matisyahu

Aaron Barker • David Fenley • Jann Klose • Jeff Cohen Jimmy Nash • Maddie Medley • Tim James • Sinclair
Striking Matches • Hank Compton • Liz Cooper • Ella Jet John Ford Coley • Our Fire • Luke Preston Lydia Luce • Stela Cole • T Hardy Morris Marc Scibilia • Joseph Patton • Brian Sutherland Danielle Blake • Lindsay Rimes Scott Schmadeke of Harpooner • Nate Allen Chris Dupre • Deb Ruby • Jordan Boyer Sonia Leigh • Liam Bauman • Eden Shireen Alex Harris • Jonathan Di Renzo • Natalia Bonfini Parker Welling