Brian Sutherland is an acoustic songwriter living in Nashville, TN.  His brand of Americana has a certain pop and jazz influence that makes his music both timeless and relevant.  Formerly a side-man for The Beach Boys, Sutherland now steps out on his own to sing his songs.

A classical cellist and day dreaming crooner, Sutherland grew up on the coast of southwest Florida, entertaining tourists and honing his craft.  He's been selected to perform at the Island Hopper Songwriting Festival, Key West Songwriters Festival, Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival, String Break Music Festival, Riverhawk Music Festival and the Druid City Songwriters Festival.

Now in Tennessee, Brian is currently working on a new record and tour dates for the fall & winter of 2018.  His current EP, "Coming Home", a collection of demos recorded bare bones style at his home in FL, is available on Spotify & Apple Music