1. Better Place

From the recording Sounds Like Love

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I knew from the start, she’d be the death of me
But the fool that I am, I fell head over feet
She’s had my blood pressure shooting’ up so high
That I climbed that stairway into the sky

First class, a champagne glass, she can kiss my one way pass

I’m in a better place, with a drink in my hand
Ain’t no pearly gates, but I got my toes in the sand
A smile on my face, I’m doing better than ok
I’m in a better place

I know she mourned my loss, when she woke up to see
Our cold & empty king size bed, where we both used to sleep
She always told me, “Man, go to hell!”
I did her one better at a five star hotel

Gulf breeze, oceanfront suite, now I can finally rest in peace

Chorus repeated

So don’t shed a tear for me
‘cause I’m in heaven living duty free

Spiced rum, angels kissed by the sun, (who knew the) afterlife can be so much fun!

Chorus repeated